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As the winter solstice comes closer we have to start preparing ourselves for winter – but don’t run away just yet. What better time to redecorate than during a seasonal change? I’ve scoured the internet and poured over home improvement magazines to bring you the best ideas to redecorate your space for fall with all types of budgets in mind!


Scent is key  when creating an ambiance, so one of the best ways to get into the winter spirit is to pick up your favorite winter scented candles.


One of the best parts of early winter is the weather: the scorching heat has finally stopped and the frostbite-inducing cold of deadly winter is still a while away. Now is the perfect time to change your bedding to richer colors like deep oranges, burgundy or the winter-essential: the plaid-patterned blanket.


Maybe you’re ballin’ a budget but still want to give your room a makeover. Thanks to Pinterest, the possibilities are endless! You can make winter-perfect candle holders with modpodge, leaves and a mason jar. You can even  make a perfect day-date with your new vina out of diy-ing some snowy crafts! Snowflake making, anyone?


Ah string lights, they just make a space feel extra cozy don’t they? Adding string lights above your bed or to your reading nook will make a huge difference and up your room festivity to the max.


For the vina that isn’t afraid to go the extra mile while redecorating, paint is your best friend! A new wall color immediately changes the feeling in a room, so if you find that perfect burgundy color that you absolutely love, pick up a half gallon (or however much you’ll need) of paint and some rollers! For the vina that doesn’t want to completely commit to a new color for a whole room, an accent wall is a happy medium.

Any one of these options, or even all of the above, will make for a great way to bring the season indoors! Happy decorating, Vinas!

(Feature image via @passingwhimsies)

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