Psych Sisterhood Thrive


Sometimes, your vinas just get you. It’s great to have friends who are similar to you; they know what you’re going through, they understand your perspective. But having a vina who is your opposite can be even more important!


When you hang out with a group of vinas who all have similar interests, you usually end up doing the same things. But, if you have a vina who is very different from you, she will probably enjoy different activities and encourage you to take part in them.

For example, if you’re outgoing, you might have an extroverted squad you can always call on to go out to drink and dance with. But your introverted vina might suggest a night in with snacks and crafts. Or, if you’re more the type to stay in, your opposite might encourage you to go hiking or hit a fun new club. Having a vina who is interested in different things than you are will help you broaden your horizons! With her, you can open yourself up to all kinds of experiences your like-minded friends might not be into.


Have you ever been talking in a group about some issue and realize that you all agree with each other, so you have nothing else to say? It’s great to have friends that you can share a perspective with, but feeling the same way about everything doesn’t really add anything to your life.

A vina who is your opposite will almost always have something to say that you’ve never considered. If your vina has a different cultural or socio-economic background, you can gain a new perspective you’d otherwise never have gained from her. If she works or studies in a different field, she will be able to incorporate that knowledge into your conversation. Her differences from your experience can enlighten you to things you’ve never previously considered and make you a smarter and more empathic person.


Any time you’re having a problem, whether it’s your work, your love life, or your personal drama, it’s awesome to have vinas to ask for advice. If all your vinas are similar to you, though, they might handle these problems in a similar way.

Say you’re wondering what to do about a guy who ghosted you. If you’re an optimist, you’re probably inclined to hold out hope. If you brought this issue up to friends who also have rosy outlooks, they would likely tell you to do the that, too. But a vina who is a little more realistic might advise you to consider moving on – and that could be exactly what you need to hear. Likewise, if you tend to be more cynical, a positive vina can encourage you to give him another chance.

Whatever the issue, a vina who is different from you will help you handle it differently – or at least think about it in a new light.

(Feature image via Glamour)

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