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We’re so happy to introduce you to our newest VINA team member, Maggie Jurow! Cool as a cucumber, with an aesthetic eye, Maggie joins us as our very first designer, and I’m super excited to hand the design reigns over to her. Whether she has a stylus, flower (yes, Maggie was an extraordinarily talented florist at one point!), camera, paintbrush, or computer mouse in hand, you know she’s creating something beautiful! Read on to learn more!

Let’s start off with one of my fave questions. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

I’m told I give really good hugs.

Oh that’s a good trait to have. Let’s be real – we all have guilty pleasures. What are yours?

Sweaters. Sunbeams. Pizza.  Being barefoot. Cutting my own hair. Not feeling guilty.

Which famous gals – from history or pop culture – would you swipe right for?

I’ve got an endless list — but for brevity my top two would be Amelia Earhart & Louise Bourgeois.

Tell me about one of your best friends!

I’ve got a pair of friends who I acquired by chance as roommates. They are both hilarious & brilliant writers, so their combined talents enrich our ongoing dialogue spanning life’s joys and miseries.

We’ve been scattered and reunited across the globe. We share everything, including our therapist, who is our silent, yet ever-present, fourth. My life would be far less rich without them.

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-12-57-59-pmI, too, found my closest friends by sharing a living space. It’s truly creates a bond you can’t have with anyone else. Okay, time to reveal your vina date skills. Describe the perfect vina date!

Imagine an early morning drive down the coast towards a mellow surf spot, hot coffee in hand, good tunes on the radio. When we pick our spot, we paddle out and surf our hearts out, then celebrate our victories over oysters at a local dive before cruising home.

Um… Can I come?? Next, what’s a fun fact that your vina would find out about you on the third vina date?

I was the Punt, Pass & Kick Champion of Southern Arizona when I was 14 and I can still throw a football further than most guys I know.

Nice, we love a strong woman!! Which 5 emojis describe you best?


Slack for iOS Upload (2).jpgWhat makes you passionate about the VINA mission?

As someone who’s moved six times in the last decade, I know first-hand how hard it is to re-build a social life from scratch. VINA gives us the ability to kindle new, fulfilling friendships regardless of where life takes us.

I have found that as social media increases access to our friends’ lives, we interact with one another less. As a result, our friendships suffer. VINA brilliantly battles this paradox by channeling social media towards enabling and initiating friendships out in the real world.

We agree, Maggie!

Thanks for reading! You can say, “Hey!” to Maggie on her Instagram and meet more of our vinas HERE

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