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Hey! It’s a new series. We’re super stoked to start bringing you more *real* life stories of how great friends met on Hey! VINA. So, read on to hear the story of Bekah and Joanne! It includes dessert for dinner, double dates, and a drunk spelling bee. Yes, you read that right. And yes, we also want to attend a drunk spelling bee.

Meet Bekah: This 22 year-old lives in St.Paul and she molds young minds as an academic advisor! She joined Hey! VINA to meet new friends after college – and has found it super helpful!

Meet Joanne: She’s 27, also works in university administration, and loves baking, exploring her city, and trying new breweries and pubs (with Bekah)!

Now, here’s their super adorbs friendship story…

“Joanne and I matched in August, just a few weeks after I started using the app. I love showing people around my city, so when I saw that Joanne was fairly new to the area, I was excited to meet her and show her around. Once we got a DITTO!, I sent a message introducing myself and asking if she wanted to get coffee – and she messaged back saying yes! We ended up having cake for dinner and kicked off a sweet friendship. (pun intended)

At our first vina date, we exchanged numbers and planned to drag our significant others to a drunk spelling bee a couple weeks later. Amazing, right?

We’ve met up every two or three weeks since then, whether one-on-one, double dates, or with other friends! We’ve had a blast baking muffins and scones for a Halloween party, walking around Minneapolis and St. Paul, and continuing to enjoy tasty food together.

As we’ve said time and again, we’re so thankful we both had the courage to use Hey! VINA, and we’re so glad we found each other!”

We’re glad, too. Thanks for sharing your story. Anyone else thinking “I want what she’s having?” Well, get swiping!!

Want to tell VINA your friendship story? Follow this link to share it with us!


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