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It’s just not as much fun to play alone. While I very very much value my alone time it comes in the wake of having a lot of collaboration with other people on the day to day. As a writer, it’s very easy to fall into a pattern of isolated production. I work from home and have to tell myself to put on pants most days. What I have learned is the key to keep me creative and creating, is making the time, and putting in some effort, to work with others. And this is why….

  • The glory of a brainstorm is so real. Go into these with an open mind and a thin idea of what you want to do. Be open to your ideas changing and evolving in ways that you would never expect due to your partner’s suggestions.
  • If you’ve got a budding idea your best bet is to nourish it by bouncing it off others, and to get an outside opinion. You are too close to it, they are, by the nature of being other, an outside and needed opinion.
  • Sometimes just working near other people helps your motivation and energy. You can work for longer and focus more when there are others in the room doing the exact same thing. It’s an energy collaboration, and this applies to all areas of life.
  • Someone to call you out. There is a certain kind of accountability present when you start working with other people. You no longer can check out for three days straight and binge watch Pretty Little Liars. I mean you can, but on your own time. It’s productive to be accountable to someone else.
  • Do something new. Deciding to join forces with others, or with new people, instantly gives you the opportunity to do something new. If I was left to my own devices, I’d just be writing sad poetry in my bedroom all the time. But, because of collaboration I find myself working on cookbooks, blogs, writing screenplays, and all sorts of other things I might never have tried otherwise.
  • You know VINA’s all about cultivating a solid network. Taking special care to expand and nurture your network is like harnessing yourself a super power.
  • Resources and ability. A good collaboration is born out of both creation and necessity. You do what you do well and team up with people who can do what they do well. Outsourcing other aspects of your project makes it more dynamic and gives you an all-around better product.

I think the message is sort of simple. There is strength in numbers and there is power in the collaborative energy that you gather when you surround yourself with people who are bringing something positive to the table.

(Feature image via @allthatisshe)

I am multi-genre writer specializing in travel, ad-copy, and nonfiction prose. A recent graduate with my MFA I am spending my new found time rambling around the world, practicing yoga, and searching for the best salad ever.


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