Every holiday season, we prep for the limitless amounts of gifts to buy, awkward moments with distant relatives, and oh yeah, lots and lots of holiday parties. This entails trying to accessorize your favorite LBD to the 9’s so you can get away with wearing it to every party. But one of our favorite Christmas party themes where the LBD stands no chance is the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party. The uglier, the better, and everyone is donning some kind of ice-breaker.

We’ve rounded up the best (er…worst) ugly Christmas sweaters to inspire laughs and perhaps your next Christmas sweater creation. Enjoy!

Grumpy Cat isn’t any happier about being part of this Christmas sweater ☹️  📸 : @ahketty
We’re not sure if the dino was part of the original sweater, but he makes a great Grinch! And the over the top tinsel use is superb! 📸 : @forever_yara
Big bows and reindeer antlers = 👏 📸 : @geealonso
The cutest tinsel tree we’ve ever seen! 🎄 📸 : @jamandrelishkitchen_kkv
Santa looks like he might be suffocating in the snow, and we’re getting a kick out of that! 😂📸 : @ninapr
How genius is this fireplace? 🔥 📸 :
A Christmas Story on a Christmas Sweater. Also, she totally nailed the fishnet lamp 👠  📸 : @thebowmaker

Let us know your favorite in the comments, or share a link to your own Ugly Christmas Sweater!

(Feature image via @DesignsbyChibi)

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