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Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! There are few things more fun than a snow day and just because school isn’t getting called off doesn’t mean like you can’t act like it. Step one for a good snow day – call it a snow day. Then proceed to one of the following activities…

  • Play outside. Put on your snow pants or whatever version of something nearly waterproof, perhaps some jeans with long underwear and take to the nearest yard or park. If you’re really lucky there is a hill and you can go sledding, or try your hand at building a snow-woman. Don’t forget to get all wrapped up in cute hats and sweaters and snap a few selfies and tag us!!


  • Drink all the warm beverages. Cruise around town and café hop and order a warm drink everywhere you go. Start with cocoa or coffee and move into afternoon cider or tea, and later you can decide it’s time get a hot toddy or Irish coffee.


  • Get festive. There will never be a more apt day to get you in the mood for the holidays. Dedicate the day to doing all the planning and decorating you need to handle in your home. Make a menu for the meals, get a tree, deck the halls with your homemade crafts, put some cinnamon and water on the stove to boil and fill your apartment with the smell of the holidays.


  • Shoot a roll of film. There is something magical about snow fall. We never grow out of it. It will always be wondrous and dazzling and timeless like an Audrey Hepburn movie, everything looks better glittering in snow. Load up your vintage 35mm camera with some film (or go pick up a disposable one for cheap) and take a walk around the neighborhood and capture it, and each other, in this winter wonderland.


  • Help out. Go get yourselves some shovels and put on those mittens. After you’re done clearing your own driveway and sidewalk, move on to help the elderly people in your neighborhood. Clear their steps and walks, as it’s often too cold or too hard for them to do it on their own, and help prevent them falling on their way out. The two of you can consider a little work out of well deeds.


However you spend your snow day, just remember the most important thing: it’s best spent with a vina. What are YOUR fave things to do with your friends on snowy days?

(Feature image via @courtneysteeves)


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