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Welcome back to Hey! Holidays. We’re comin’ atcha all month with AH-MAZING gift ideas for all types of vinas. No matter who you’re shopping for, you’ll find a perfect gift on one of these lists. Have more suggestions for gifts? Tell us by using the hashtag #HeyHolidays and tagging us @ilikevina.

The holidays are among us! In this awesome season of giving, finding a great gift can be quite challenging. You may have your family figured out (kinda), but what about your vinas?? Or better yet…your vina’s little ones???

Here’s a few holiday gift ideas for your  bestest little vina. Cute, kid-friendly, gender neutral, and here’s the best part…AFFORDABLE!!!


Pose for the camera click, click, click! What kid doesn’t love a good selfie? Blow up this frame and take some awesomely fab or silly pics. Kids are pros at posing! Have your little vina strike a pose with this cool frame.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 10.06.46 AM.pngCUTE CARDBOARD TOOLKIT

Recycle, imagine, and create. This is upcycling on steroids! This toolkit includes everything a kid could need to turn a regular old cardboard box into whatever they can dream up. A great gift for a crafty kid or a fun play date activity for you, your vina, and her little one.

straw glasses.jpgGLASSES TO SLURP IN

Little vinas will go crazy for this gift that looks like kooky glasses is really a functioning drinking straw! How super cool is that? Put the glasses on and sip. You can see your beverage swirling towards you. I’d wear these. Heck get a pair for all 3 of you. I’m sure you’ll earn major cool points for this gift!

jhjq_harry_potter_hogwarts_battle.jpgMUGGLE GAMES

Let’s face it, kids of all ages love Harry Potter. They’ll have tons of fun with these Muggle playing cards. Add a Potter spin to traditional kid-friendly games like Matching or Go Fish. Plus, this set comes with 2 decks of playing cards!

piggy bank.jpgPRACTICAL PIGGY

You can never go wrong with a cute, yet practical, gift. This piggy bank fits the bill. It’s never too early to start saving! Feeling extra generous? Stick a few dollars in the piggy bank before wrapping so give your little vina a head start.

Have any other kid-friendly gift ideas to share? Tell us in the comments!

(Feature image via @allthatisshe)

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