Sisterhood Thrive


You’re swiping through the app or taking an entertaining Hey! VINA quiz, and you remember that you haven’t talked to one of your good friends in a while. Yes, you both are busy. However, a hectic schedule has never stopped you two before. You notice that her Snapchat stories are filled with movie and dinner outings and you get a sinking sensation in your chest, “Why wasn’t I invited?” 

The truth is, friendships are sort of like trees. Some friendships bloom seasonally and only stick around for a little while, and some friends plant their roots deep and last a lifetime. But when a good friendship fizzles out and ends, it can feel worse than any romantic break-up for a few reasons.

1. Your vina is who you run to when things get rough. If you don’t have your best friend, who else can you vent to?

2. She knows everything about you, and you look forward to sharing more accomplishments, hardships, etc., with her.

3. The awkwardness is REAL. It can be rough to navigate mutual friendships or social media.

4. There are endless memories that you will never forget. It’s deeper than just deleting your ex from your Instagram photos, you’ve shared so much with each other.

If you find yourself not being able to handle the fade of your vina-ship, reach out to her! Everyone deserves a second chance. Communication is one of the most important aspects of any type of relationship. Learn what’s bothering your vina, or ask her what is the best way to connect to her when things start to feel distant. Life is too short to lose the people who make it easier.

Have you tried reconnecting with a lost vina lately? Comment below or tweet us about it!

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