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Here at VINA, we’re always working to bring you awesome new features to make it easier to connect with amazing women! Some of these newer features you may not know about, but can make your hunt for friends SO much better. Read on to find out how to optimize your swipe to find the perfect friend:

ezgif-com-4e33ace789AGE AND LOCATION FILTERS

Did you know you can filter your card stack for vinas in a specific age range? If you’re open to vinas of all ages, great! But if you’re looking for someone in a similar life stage, this could be a great way to find her. If you’re really picky about the age of your vinas, make sure you uncheck the other menu options!

You can also set a location range to find vinas as close as next door! Helpful tip though – if there aren’t a lot of vinas in your area yet (AKA in your card stack), you may want to try making your age and location ranges a little bigger! You might have to meet in the middle – but a vina a town over is still a potential new bestie!!



Now it’s easier than ever to find women who love what you love and do what you do. Our Communities feature allows you to join specific groups of vinas based on your interests, profession, or personality traits! You can join Working Moms, SciFi Sisters, LGBTQI, and/or New in Town (and many more!) and find others who have also joined that Community. Just tap the triangle at the top of the page, tap the Communities you want to add, and then tap one more time to start swiping in the Community of your choice!

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Find these and more account settings by clicking your profile picture on the bottom bar menu! Also, find more tips HERE!



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