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Hygge (pronounced HYOO-guh) is a Danish concept that loosely translate as coziness, contentment, and mindfulness. Ask a Dane what hygge is, and they might mention cocoa by the fire, wine and sweet treats – always shared with friends or loved ones. Beyond being cozy, hygge invokes a sense of togetherness and connection. It’s about feeling warm and fuzzy with your vinas – and you can totally make it happen in your own home!

The story goes that to combat their fierce winters (3pm sunsets, anybody?), the Danes practice hygge to stay positive – and warm. Hygge can be a noun, a verb, even a mood – but you can’t just make a pot of tea and call it a day. Hygge must be cultivated – so here are our best tips for hosting a hygge party this winter!

  • Warm drinks   It’s getting cold, and who doesn’t love an excuse to enjoy a cup of something warm when it’s miserable outside? Hygge classics include hot cocoa and tea, but you could always whip up some spiked cider for ‘hygge heavy’.


  • Set the mood   No fireplace? No problem! Switch off the room lights and use lamps and string lights to keep it cozy. Light a couple of scented candles in cohesive scents (think festive spices like cinnamon, clove, and warm vanilla) to add to the vibe. You could even play a fireplace video on a computer screen for bonus hygge points!


  • Tasty treats   To emphasize the idea of connection, invite your vinas to each bring something to share with the group. A hygge party could be a great opportunity for a cookie swap – check out some recipe ideas here.


  • Cozy decor   Blankets, blankets, blankets. Make sure your guests will be comfy while they’re getting their hygge on. This is an excellent excuse to make a blanket fort in your living room. Bonus points for setting out a few pairs of cozy socks by the door.


  • Be mindful   Hygge is meant to be more than just cozy; it’s an opportunity to really connect with the people around you. Let your vinas know beforehand that this is the intention, and ask them to leave their troubles and gossip at the door. Focus on lifting one another up and expressing gratitude. Hygge is an attitude!

Will you be grabbing your vinas, some hot cocoa, and fuzzy socks to celebrate hygge this year? 


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