You already know that the gym is a great place to relieve stress and get your sweat on, but did you also know it can be a great place to expand your network? Make the most out of your gym time by combining your next sweat ‘sesh with these networking tips!

  1. Be friendly, but not overly intrusive. At the gym people are usually there to get in and get out, not exactly socialize. However, from what I’ve found, people are usually flattered if you ask them about an exercise they are doing. For example, if you spot a new potential BFF ask her where she learned that exercise! Note: headphones on typically means “I’m in the zone”, so if you notice her ear buds in, best to wait until after she’s finished her workout or in between sets.
  2. Compliment, Compliment, Compliment! Who doesn’t LOVE a good compliment. A great way to strike up a conversation with another athletic vina is to admire her workout attire, (seriously can athleisure just be a thing forever?). Next time you’re at the gym, try bonding over your love for workout gear and admire her style choices. “OMG! Love your leggings… where did you get them?” or “CUTE bag, I’ve been looking for one just like that”, are great places to start!
  3. Introduce yo’self! If you workout at the same time every day, chances are you see similar faces. If you see the same gal in the gym time after time and think she’d be cool to get to know… introduce yourself and ask her if she works/lives in the area. Before you know it you’ll be getting PWO (Post workout) smoothies in no time!
  4. Locker room talk. OK not THAT type of locker room talk ;). BUT in a non-awkward way, the locker room can be a great time to chat it up with a new friend! Just make sure it’s the timing is right… nothing more awkward than someone trying to strike up a convo when you are half nude- ha!! For your best bet, try to strike up a convo at the makeup mirror.

Remember, no one likes to spend hours in the gym (not even me and I’m a trainer- ha!), so it’s likely that other gals are in there to get the job done and get on with their day! The BEST time to get to know new potential bff is before/after a workout, in the locker room, OR if you can catch her during one of her rest periods. Next time you’re gettin’ your sweat on, don’t be shy– try some of these tips and pretty soon you’ll expand your network in no time!

What other places might be underestimated for networking potential? Help us brainstorm in the comments!

(Feature image via @sjanaelise)

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