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Remember when you were in elementary school and everyone was friends with, well, everyone? Those were to good old days. Making new friends as an adult however can seem so difficult. But you know what, vina? I think that’s because the friends you make when you’re an adult are far more valuable.

But where’s a vina to start?! Don’t worry y’all, I’ve got you covered. 


Are you a barre fanatic? Do you go to yoga every day? As blossoming #bossbabes it’s important for us to keep our bodies moving. Let’s be real, exercise (while rewarding) can be exhausting – and it’s easy to shut yourself off from all the glorious potential BFFs around you. But you shouldn’t! Reaching out to someone after a workout class and bonding over your love (or hate) of exercise could very well lead to your next vina date! I’m thinking post workout smoothies will do the trick!


Music has always and will always bring people together. From a very young age, I understood that record stores were a place for cool people to hang out. Very rarely do I walk into a record shop and think, “Meh”. Usually I’m thinking something more along the lines of “Do I want to be this girl or do I want her to be my best friend?” It’s a magical place, vinas. While record shops tend to attract the coolest people (like moths to a flame) it’s also a great way to find someone with really similar tastes. If you’re both eyeing that 80s French Disco Pop section with distinct interest, there’s a pretty good chance you can find something to talk about.


I spend a lot of my time in cafes. I usually sit by myself, drinking coffee, reading a book and marking some things off of my ever growing to do list. Cafes are filled with dozens of people doing the exact same thing. That vina who just ordered your signature coffee drink (quad shot americano with a splash of coconut milk, in case you were wondering) – she could be your new bff. That vina who is reading one of your favorite books? Total BFF status. Plus, you know that coffee is a definite potential for your first vina date.


For me, a museum would be the ultimate vina meet-cute. Just picture it. You’re staring longingly at your favorite piece (holla at me Degas/Monet) and you see a girl staring at the exact same painting. Then you get to talking and BOOM cut to a friendship montage filled with macarons, laughter, excessive caffeine, and netflix nights. Wouldn’t that be a dream? That dream could be a reality! The most spectacular thing about art is that it brings people together and it get’s them talking. Just be sure you resist the urge to squeal over your new vina, museums don’t take kindly to loud people.


Not only is Hey! VINA  my favorite way to connect with new friends, it’s also takes people from cafés, museums, record shops, and workout classes and puts them all in the palm of my hand. It’s seriously the best. Download it here.

Where are your places to meet new friends? Tell us in the comments!

(Feature image via Kate Spade Saturday)

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