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Starting a new job is pretty similar to starting school – you’re thrown in a room with a bunch of strangers who you’ll be expected to work with, and all the newness that you’ll be dealing with can be a little intimidating. Work is so much more fun if you can turn your coworkers into friends, so you’ll probably be on a quest to make friends as quickly as possible! But how to begin to find that vina who will be your so-called work wife?


A friendship forms after multiple positive interactions with a person. Find someone who you’d like to be your friend, and make them your go-to person for when you have work related questions. To make friends, you need a reason to talk to someone, and work is your perfect excuse. Plus, conversation about different work tasks could lead to more personal discussion, helping you get to know the other person on a deeper level.


Eating out everyday can put a strain on your wallet which is especially difficult when you are just starting out. However, for your first few weeks, invest in potential friendships by getting lunch with your coworkers. Avoid eating lunch alone – ask those around you to go grab food with you! This gives you an opportunity to get to know what your coworkers are up to in their personal lives. Even if you start to bring your lunch, eat in a communal area rather than your desk so you can interact with more people. If anyone is sitting alone – sit with them!


There’s so many jokes out there about small talk, and sometimes it’s sort of painful that we have to do it. But reach out to your colleagues – ask them how their day is and what they did this weekend. Here’s the catch – you want to actually get to know them. Once you’ve interacted with them enough times, it will be easier for you to find more things to talk to them about. So embrace the small talk! It’s a stepping stone to deeper conversation.


As an introvert, it’s difficult to get me to go out at all, so it’s even more difficult to get me to go out after a long day, with people I may not know as well. I understand it’s tough, but try to attend every work social event that you can, whether it’s drinks at happy hour or even a birthday celebration in the break room. Going to social events and exposing yourself to more people in your company might help you find future vinas – maybe even your future work best friend.


At your new job, you’ll meet people of all sorts of ages from a variety of different cultures, but don’t let that stop you from turning them into your friend. Sure you aren’t going to hang out with your 50 year old manager on the weekends, but it’s still important to build friendships with as many people as you can in your company. Even if they’re much older or younger, that person can still be your friend. From a networking perspective, these connections may become champions for you in the future, or even connect you with that
ideal vina you’re on the lookout for.
Even if you’ve been at your job for a while, you can start making new friends at any time. Especially if you notice a new person in the workplace – remember how hard it was to make friends when you just started. Offer to be that person’s new friend. Expanding your network will not only make work more enjoyable, but could also lead to great friendships and professional opportunities.
What strategies do you have for making friends in the office? Let us know in the comments!
(Feature image via E Online) 


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