‘Tis the season to give. Although, we’d like to advocate your spirit of giving shouldn’t be designated to a specific time of year. (Considering getting in the mood now and keeping the good vibes going all year long.) Volunteering with a vina is a great way to do some good and spend some time together. Find someone who is feeling in the spirit and get your cute butts over there to make a difference! To get you started we’ve come up with some great ways to go about vina-teering.


This is a great way to get out there and is most people’s first choice this time of year. It puts you in the direct line of help and makes your efforts feel worthwhile. However, check out ahead of time and see how much help they already have. Your efforts might be better utilized in the uncharted places around town. is a great way to go about for linking up and learning more about food banks in your area.


Clean out your closet and make some serious donations. Your old coats are needed most, and we know you have, like, a dozen. Temperatures are dropping and those in need will appreciate the extra warmth! A great organization to contact is the Warm Coats Warm Hearts Drive sponsored by Burlington Coat Factory. 


Elderly isolation is a real issue and leads to depression and a quicker decline in health. This time of year makes being alone even harder for everyone. Invite over an older neighbor or visit your local nursing home and see how you can help out with celebrations, gift giving, cooking, or even just hanging out and reading a book or playing games. Just your presence is a gift all on its own!


Animals need the love too. The Shelter Pet Project can link you up with shelters in your area. You can go and play with animals and give them lots of love or help participate and organize adoption events. Who doesn’t want a new furry friend for the holidays?


Maybe you and your vinas what to forgo presents for each other and shop for a child in need instead! Salvation Army’s The Angel Tree gets gifts to children in need, because no child should be empty handed during the holiday giving season. Organize a get together with your vinas where instead of playing secret santa and getting each other gifts, everyone comes with a gift for the Angel Tree instead. If you reach out ahead of time you can get your hands on the wishes of real children and get them exactly what they want this year.

Create The Good is a website that helps you find opportunities near you in specialized fields of volunteering. Grab a vina and look at your strengths together. Want to be a tutor? Do yard work? Restructure a website for a charity? We all have different skill sets and this will help you do the most good with yours.

However you decide to go about it is less important than actually getting out there and doing it. We’d love to hear from and what sorts of ways you find to give back this year. All love is spread through patience and kindness and a little time. Get giving this year.

How are you and your vinas planning on giving back this holiday season? Tell us in the comments! 

(Feature Image via The Kitchn)

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