Connect Date Ideas


A good Girls’ Night In (GNI) is an essential part of any vina’s social life. We all need to relax and forget about the pressures of jobs, significant others, and other social commitments. GNI’s may not happen that often, but when they do, they can uplift your spirit and renew the super important bond you have with the women in your life. Your friends are the ones that keep you grounded. They know who you really are: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the crazy.

Having a theme for your night in makes it a little more exciting. Browsing through Pinterest will give you tons of ideas for different theme nights, how to build a DIY photo booth, and of course, food and drink recipes. Here’s a couple of curated ideas for what to do on your next Girls’ Night In:


Bring out your best 80’s look by crimping your hair, wearing leotards, blue eye shadow, and leg warmers. Strut your stuff around your vina’s living room to your fave 80’s jams and don’t forget to belt out the chorus!


Ask all the ladies to bring one ingredient like sugar, sea salt, essential oils, glass jars, carrier oils – whatever you’ll need to make the products you’re planning on creating (scrubs, lotions, masks etc.). Best part: everyone will take home their own 100% natural creations!


A Girl’s Night In that is also extremely helpful in real life? Yes, it’s possible. Make a meal plan for the week, create a shopping list and give everyone items to buy and bring with them. Serve some vino while chopping, chit-chatting, sautéing, boiling, baking, and then pack your meals in tubaware. Everyone leaves with a full belly, plenty of vina bonding, and enough food for the entire week!


Have your ladies bring one bottle of wine each from a specific wine region (California, France, Germany, Australia, etc.). While tasting, read the taste notes and ask everyone describe what it tastes like to them. Serve grapes, crackers, gingerbread cookies, apple slices, and cheese on the side. See how many you can guess correctly!


How often do we play games anymore? Playing games is sooooo much fun, that’s why we did it so much as kids. Host a game night and play some of your old favorites like Monopoly or Shoots and Ladders, or try a newer, more adult game like Cards Against Humanity.

Hope these give you some ideas for your next Girls’ Night In. Now connect with your vinas and make it happen!

(Feature image via @Starhe)


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