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This is Taboo Topic Tuesday, a weekly series that tackles a “taboo” subject and gives tips on how to talk about it with your vinas (sans judgement). Have an idea for a topic? Tweet us @ilikevina using the hashtag #TalkingTaboos, and we’ll get talkin’!

Picture this: you and a few close vinas are on your couch, wine in hand, talking about nothing in particular and then the topic turns to sex. What happens next?

In my experience the chatter is pretty standard: people we’ve met, funny stories, our likes and dislikes, but not frequently enough do we broach the topic of safety. Too often, once we leave the hallowed halls of high school sex-ed class, we also leave behind talk of safe sex with our peers and vinas.

Why aren’t we talking more? Maybe we think safe-sex isn’t as glamorous a topic as last Friday night’s fling. Or maybe we’re not talking about sex at all, because it’s uncomfortable. Or maybe we feel overwhelmed by media coverage of sexual violence. Regardless, the hesitation is understandable. Unsurprisingly, the best way to bridge this gap is simply through open communication.

It’s a total cliché to say it, but just because some things are uncomfortable to talk about, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. In fact, I would be so bold to say that often times it means that we absolutely NEED to be talking about them.

Is one of your vinas going on a first date? Send her a quick text, a simple reminder to be safe.

Just got a new IUD/Implant/Pill? Tell your vinas. At the very lease they’ll applaud you for being such a champion, and at the most you might educate someone on why that choice was right for you.

Found a brand of condom (male or female!) that you really enjoy? TELL YOUR VINAS!

Silence is absolutely detrimental to women’s health. The less we talk about safe sex, the less attention it gets, and the less attention it gets, the lower importance level its given. I’m not necessarily advocating that you stand outside your apartment giving banana-condom demonstrations or handing out pamphlets on STIs to every passerby, but next time your group text gets intimate maybe push the conversation in a direction less traveled.

Do you talk about sexual safety with your vinas? Tweet @ilikevina and use the hashtag #TalkingTaboos to get talking with us!

(Feature image via @beOk)

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