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I’m a big believer that working out with a friend makes any sweat session that much better, BUT finding the perfect gym pal sometimes requires a bit of thought. After all, how many times have you had intentions to go to the gym with one friend and rather than hit the weights you end up hitting the bar?

Hey! It’s ok. Sometimes it’s alright to choose happy hour over bootcamp, but if you’ve got healthy habits you are committed to, you should seek a gym-loving vina who has similar goals!

As you consider which vina to plan a sweat sesh with… keep these things in mind.

  1. Will you motivate each other? You and your gym-vina should be a support system for each other by keeping each other motivated. Does your vina encourage you to push through for that one last rep or the last 30 seconds of burpees? If so, she’s a keeper!
  2. Do you have similar goals? As I mentioned earlier, some peeps are more committed to getting in a sweat sesh than others. Hey– to each their own right? BUT when looking for your gym buddy.. Make sure she’s just as amped about the gym as you are! The last thing you want is to make it a habit to go to the gym with someone who is less than thrilled to be there.
  3. Are you open to each other’s workout styles? You may love weight training and your vina may love running, but, this doesn’t mean you can’t workout together! If you are open to go for a run with her, and she’s open to hitting the weights with you, consider it a great opportunity to bond over each other’s interests!
  4. Will you hold each other accountable? When it comes to reaching certain physique goals, going at it alone can feel overwhelming! When considering your go-to workout vina, vow to hold each other accountable to one another’s goals. Whether your goal is to run a mile, lose 5 lb or tone your arms, having an accountability partner makes achieving your goal seem that much more attainable!


What traits make your vinas the perfect workout buddies? Tell us in the comments!

(Feature image via @hannahbronfman)

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