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Just like that… August and September are gone and here we are in the throes of Fall. I hope you are enjoying the Fall flavors, having cozy movie nights with your gal pals, and maybe having a PSL or two (sorry, I had to!). 

Fall means that winter isn’t too far around the corner. Winter months can mean more time indoors, easy access to a lot of heavy foods, and added stressors of traveling and work.  I know I know…I don’t mean to rush you– but the more we plan for it now, the less stressed we’ll feel later.. feel me?

Before I go on any further….full disclosure time. I currently live in San Francisco so I do realize that in the Bay Area we don’t have a “traditional” winter, BUT as a gal who spent 26 winters in Boston… I can wholeheartedly say that I’m VERY experienced when it comes to prepping for winter months.

So..let’s set ourselves up to feel amazing and stress free come the winter shall we?


  • Set up time with your vinas to reflect & goal set: This is one of my favorite activities to do with my gal pals when a year is coming to an end. Start by sharing your top 3 lessons learned/reflections with each other. Appreciate how far you all have come and what you have accomplished in the last year. Once you’ve shared your reflections, share your top 3 goals for 2017. Vow to hold each other accountable and help each other out in any way you can. #EmpowerEachother
  • Block your calendar NOW to stay sane: Chances are, you might be doing some traveling or attending some holiday parties in the months to come. I recommend setting aside some time for the sole purpose of blocking off your calendar for any important dates you have coming up. Taking time NOW to block off travel, holiday parties, vina dates or get togethers will make you feel more organized and will allow you to focus more on day to day activities and plans.
  • Escape with your vinas: Seriously, get out of town. Whether you want to get your ski on, or escape jack frost and lay on a beach, planning a mini-vaca with your vinas will give you something to look forward to. If you can’t get out of town, plan a stay-cation full of stress-free activities like brunches, movie nights, yoga, at-home facials, music, shopping… whatever you and your tribe love. #bonding



  • Stretch girl. Colder months can mean a LOT more time sitting around, especially if your day job involves a lot of desk time. Our hips, neck, shoulders and back all get tight from sitting and over time this starts to feel “normal”. Making stretching a part of your daily routine will help you feel more energized and can also help prevent injury especially if you are an active vina.  Not sure where to start? Check out these 5 Daily Stretches.
  • Move.  My rule of thumb is that at a minimum, you should get “10k a day” or 10,000 steps every day. Walking is great for your heart and your mood and you can literally do it anywhere (yes, sometimes I do walk back and forth in my 468 sq ft apartment if I need to get a few steps in). You can track your steps by using an activity tracker or even your smartphone. If you are nowhere near 10,000 steps yet, start with 2,000 and work your way up by 2,000 each week! Get it girl!
  • Drink Water. Ok I’m totally guilty of slacking here sometimes, but gals– we’ve got to do it. Drinking water SERIOUSLY helps not only with hydration (duh), but it helps your skin, hair, nails and digestion.. Just to name a few.  Not sure how much to drink? Aim for ½ your body weight in ounces, if you are very active and workout a lot, aim to drink your total body weight in ounces.
  • Eat mostly nutrient dense, whole foods that you love. I know I know, you’ve heard it before… but eating wholesome foods (think anything found on the perimeter of a grocery store), will keep your energy high and your body healthy. If you find it hard to eat healthy during the week, set aside some time on Sunday to prepare your meals or make a plan for healthy places you will order from. Check out great resources like Pinterest for recipe inspo!



  • Meditate. I know you’ve heard this one before! Taking 5 minutes day to meditate can improve your mood, productivity and help eliminate stress. Technology has made it even easier with lots of cool meditation apps to help us relax. Check out this list of the top meditation apps for 2016 and you’ll be feeling zen in no time.
  • Mindfully savor your favorite comfort foods. Ok this tip is my favorite one… and you’re probably wondering why it’s in this section… let me explain. Many of us get stressed out about holiday food and “staying healthy”. I believe that mindfully indulging your favorite comfort foods helps feed the soul. Of course, many of our favorite holiday comfort foods come laden with butter, sugar and all that good stuff.. But it doesn’t mean you should pass on them completely. Instead, pick 2-3 things you KNOW you absolutely love, have one portion, savor it & move on. Restricting yourself from your dad’s amazing apple pie or your grandmother’s to-die-for potato latkes is no way to live!


I’ve found that by developing a little self care routine, I help keep myself on track and feeling energized and organized, especially when I know the upcoming months are bound to be jam packed with activities. Of course, you can pick and choose what tips work for you, but the important thing is to remember to take care of ourselves and our fellow vinas. ❤

How are you prepping for Winter? Tell us in the comments!

(Feature image via @mandinelson_)

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