I admit I am one of those people who gets their weekly news from Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Updates or just the whole show altogether as they address recent scandals, problematic issues, or just something good that recently occurred. SNL never backs down from a controversial topic, instead it deals with it head on and will clearly let us know where they stand on the issue. And what’s nice is the cast doesn’t just tell us why they hate or like a certain idea, they’ll explain or satirize why or how the idea is bad and/or good.With the U.S. Election today, here are some SNL political skits recently put on by the satirical cast since the U.S. Primary that we literally cannot stop forwarding to our vinas.


This skit on Weekend Update of Pete Davidson representing the young/new generation of voters is, “most of us.” THIS IS WHY WE SHOULD GO OUT THERE AND VOTE! The nominees this year may seem like a joke, but like Pete Davidson says, “It’s not funny anymore.” Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are serious contenders and one of them will be the next President of the United States.


Kate McKinnon portraying Hillary Clinton and Larry David portraying Bernie Sanders is the best. They point out the flaws and “rigged” political polls when Sanders was still in the running. They throw in jokes that society assume are the reasons for what’s been going on in the election, but aren’t sure if they are actually true, because of course no one in politics will ever confirm or deny such allegations. Although the dance sequence in the end was odd, what took the cake was when Clinton (McKinnon) swung Sanders (David) into the elevator as a “good-riddance.”


What’s brilliant of this skit is the cameo of Hillary Clinton talking to her representation on SNL. Kate McKinnon who plays Hillary Clinton in majority of the political skits raises issues that were against Clinton, and the real Hillary Clinton addresses them instead of avoiding them. Additionally, it was clever of Hillary to bring in the oil pipe line problem in the skit knowing hundreds of people will be watching and paying attention. Although the real Clinton shouldn’t go into acting, she still took everything in stride such as the jokes that everything Clinton supported could have been done a lot sooner.


Of course SNL would address and attack the issue of the leaked audio clip of Trump making lewd comments about women. And it is true, Trump never even apologized for the leaked audio, instead he had his “supporters” defending and backing him up. They portrayed Hillary Clinton as already celebrating like she won because of the leaked audio will cause his downfall. Her last comment addressing the women who are still voting for Trump…”bish you cray.”


The opening of this sketch rings true. This was the worst second debate. I watched about an hour of the real debate between the two candidates and couldn’t believe what a mess it was that eventually I couldn’t watch anymore. This debate skit on SNL is actually a lot smoother than the actual debate. Trump would talk over Clinton, interrupt her, interrupt the moderators and get angry because he felt like it was 3 against 1. Similar to this skit, both nominees ignored and avoided answering the questions with a straightforward response.


And last but not least, I just had to add the parody of the women of SNL portraying the women behind Donald Trump’s campaign. His daughters, wife, and “only black friend,” dancing and singing to Beyoncé’s “Sorry” from her Lemonade album. Although in this parody, they are far from sorry.


What were your favorite SNL skits from this political season? Let us know in the comments!

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