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Let’s face it, when talking about anyone in your crew of girl-friends, it can get annoying to clarify that you mean a girl who is your friend and not your significant other. So, if you’re lost for words that mean the same thing, sans confusion, we’ve got you covered! Here are 6 words to replace the ever-confusing term “girl-friend.”


Sorry, can’t use this one without the trendy hashtag. Whether you’re a squad of tw0 or squad of ten, when you enter the room with these girls, you make an impact.


You might be besties for life or besties for five minutes. Either way, as friends go, it doesn’t get better.


Live free and have fun! Your chicas remind you of what life is all about.


You’d do anything for each other. These girls understand the meaning of loyalty.


She’s closer to you than family. Sometimes you’d swear you were twins.


Old friends and new, these are the friendships you choose for yourself. The term vina evolved from our founder, Olivia’s, networking group called Women Who Vino. Coincidentally, vina also means girl friend in Icelandic! It’s the perfect replacement for girl-friend, BFF, bestie, you name it. Spread the word!

What words do you use to describe your fave women? Tell us in the comments! 

(Feature image via @aliyamx)

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