Sisterhood Thrive


We are over here assembling the most dynamic, diverse, and badass girl squad at Hey VINA. And we are really, really excited, that you’re a part of it. We’ve been taking notes from T-Swift who has more “close friends” than we can count. Her squad seems to reach across the globe. We’ve  been inspired and we think you are too. So, here are some things to consider to start building up your A-team.

Different makes the world go round. Your first inclination will to be surround yourself with people just like you, but diversity in your friendships will enlarge your scope as a human.

Reach outside your job. We have a tendency to hang out with people we work with or people who work like us. It makes sense. Servers commiserate after their shift, retailers understand the struggle of folding an entire jean wall, techies speak their own kind of language. Your first assignment is to befriend someone in an entirely different profession.

Creative a creative hub. While reaching outside of your regular circle consider how you and your friends might inspire each other. Acquiring friends with different skill sets opens the door to collaborative projects and the best kind of brainstorming.

Seek what you want. There are certain things we want for ourselves. Like, I’d love to be more versed in wine or really into hiking. Seeking out friends who bring your own desires to the table will give you something to bond over and something to teach each other.

Be the honey hive. We all love something to rally around, let that something be you. You can be the orchestrator of this team Take upon yourself not only to make friends for yourself but also for the group. Consider the fact that bringing someone new into the fold isn’t just for your own behalf. Link up like minded ladies and watch the magic grow around you.

Offer something up. When acquiring new friends don’t look at it like a check list of attributes you’d like in your life. Know that you are also bringing something to the table. You are an amazing dazzling human and anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. Show up with love, confidence, and open arms.

We’d love to hear more suggestions from you on how you widen the breadth of your girl gang. It’s a big world out there, let’s all get a little closer.

(Feature image via @taylorswift)


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