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If you’re anything like me, you have a zillion things to do and there’s never enough time to get it all done! Which miggggght mean you haven’t figured out what to wear on Halloween…and it’s only a few days away!

Relax, this vina’s got you covered. I put on my personal shopper hat (#ladybrag) and found a few super cute DIY costumes for you and your vina (or group of vinas) to rock all weekend. I’ve also added some Super Special vina tips to help you pull it off!



This pineapple and strawberry combo (see above) is just adorbs!  All you’ll  need are some oversize tees or dresses in a variety of fruity colors. Add leaves and stems with felt or construction paper and you’re all set. This one’s great for groups, too, because you can add as many types of fruit as you have vinas!
Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 3.54.24 PM.png
via Brit + Co


Queen of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades or Clubs! All you need is a red or black top or dress! Pair with solid color bottoms (red or black depending on your queen card). Think fluffy tulle, skater skirt, shorts, leggings, palazzos, etc. If you want to go the extra mile, throw on a tiara and practice your Queen hand waving technique!
via Studio DIY


Your milkshake brings all the boys (or girls) to the yard! A solid color dress in any milkshake-flavored-color (think: pastel) will work because the headpiece will pull this one together. Use a white t-shirt or white fabric to make a turban which will act as your “whip cream”. If you’re a crafty vina, you can use some craft filling or stuffing and attach it to a headband. Don’t forget the cherry! Use a red balloon and bit of pipe cleaner for a stem. Sprinkles anyone?? Use some colorful cut up pieces of felt!
Have any other cool DIY costume ideas for your and your vina? Post them in the comments!
(Feature image found here)

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