If there was one trend we are excited to participate in, it’s podcasts. Face it, they’re all the rage. The great thing about podcasts, is there’s something for everyone! Whether you need something to listen to as you prep dinner or are going on a roadtrip with your vina – nothing beats a killer podcast. Within the sea of downloads, it can be hard to find your perfect podcast-fish. Below are a few of our faves to get you started:

call your girlfriend.gif
via Sea Eye Draw


Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow are the ultimate BFFs and they’re dishing out the goods for your pleasure. Listening to these ladies talk will give you all the feels and their topics will give you all the thoughts, and all the giggles. It’s a great one to tune into with your vinas, and discuss after each episode (glass of wine in hand).

via Not Too Deep


If you haven’t heard of Not Too Deep you miiiiiight be living under a rock. In this podcast, YouTube sensation and ultimate girl-next-door, Grace Helbig, interviews her coolest internet celeb besties. There’s only one rule: the guests’ answers can’t get too emotionally deep. It just might be the funniest show on the internet and it’s the perfect comedic breathe of fresh air to share with your vinas.
via Slate


Mom & Dad Are Fighting is not your average parenting podcast. Laugh and learn through parenting triumphs and struggles, and then hit pause and share you own! Though moms and dads might get the most out of it, it’s an enlightening listen for anyone.

washington post splendid table.jpg
via The Washington Post


Foodies, look no further for some culinary inspo than The Splendid Table. This NPR podcast dishes up the latest food trends, stories, and interviews with masterful chefs and they’ve been doing it for twenty years. They know their stuff – and if you and your vinas listen, you will too.

good job brin.jpg
via Spark Minute


Listen to Good Job Brain and brush up on your trivia to guarantee at least third place the next time you go to Trivia Night at the local watering hole. The hosts are a  group of nerdy friends that get together to soak up some knowledge and occasionally eat candy. Sound like your squad? Give it a listen!

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to with your vinas?

(Featured Image via @voguelustys)

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