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Figuring out what to do with your vinas isn’t always easy – especially if you and your group of friends are less interested in brunch and more interested in the underground film festival that only happens once a year in some abandoned warehouse. But have no fear artsy vinas! We’ve rounded up some artistic vina-dates for you and your buds that you can do year-round to get those creative juices flowing.


Few things bond a friendship closer than talking each other into and out of buying weird things. Us artsy vinas would never settle for the basic t-shirt and jeans, no – it’s all about that vintage bolo tie or high-waisted jeans from 80’s you thrifted with your BFFs! Try this at the thrift store: give yourselves each 15 minutes and $20 to pick out a head-to-toe look for each other! You’re guaranteed some laughs, and maybe even some great thrifted finds.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 9.42.38 AM.png
Grab your friends and bottle of wine and paint away! (📸: @emmaolswing)


Even if you’re less of a portrait girl and more of a stick-figure girl, that’s ok! Go to a ceramics painting studio during the evening – you’ll avoid the crowd of kids and probably have the place to yourself. The atmosphere allows for creativity and conversation (and usually there’s wine!).


Heads up: artsy vinas love foreign films. Admit it, if you’re an artsy gal, there’s just something you love about rolling up to the independent movie theater, grabbing some popcorn, and watching a film with subtitles. And trust us, it’s even better if you bring a friend! Or, if you’re feeling low key, you both can log into Netflix and watch one of the many indie foreign films you’ve been meaning to stream.


artsy vinas 2.jpg
📸: @emmaolswing


Artsy girls do some major bonding over a shared taste in music. So going to a show with an old or new vina is a great vina-date you can do any night of the week! Try an open mic, or see that local act everyone’s been talking about. The cheap beers, stamped wrists, and sweaty pits will be worth it – trust me.

What kind of friend-dates do you artsy vinas like going on? Tell us in the comments!

(Feature image via @centzo)

Editorial @ VINA; lover of film, music made in bedrooms, art, and intersectional feminism; and harboring a (not so) secret weakness for reality TV and the color pink 💞💘. If I'm M.I.A. you'll probably be able to find me staring at an Ellsworth Kelly at SFMOMA or taking in the ocean breeze at Land's End.


  1. I don’t know that I would call myself “artsy,” although I do love walking through halls of original pieces with a glass of wine in hand. 🍷 Other than that, u really can’t beat any kind of shopping, meeting up for coffee at a locally run shop or taking advantage of an awesome upscale happy hour (Flemings is my SPOT for that!) Yelp also always has good event postings.


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