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The first time I ever went to a clothing swap I just about lost my mind. It brought together so many things I love in this world: my vinas, shopping, hanging out (preferably with wine and lots of snacks), and recycling good in the world. It’s a great way/excuse to get everyone together and get some things done.

Every once in awhile, it is paramount (read: necessary) that we purge our closet. I recently read The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. The author says getting rid of clothing is one of the first steps in getting your life together.


So the first step is to go through your own closet. If you’re going to be the host, you better have some goods to bring to the table.

Be sure to send out invitations to your clothing swap with good notice. A good estimate is two weeks in advance. Everyone will have enough time to go through their own clothing and come prepared.

Have snacks. This just applies to any and all events we discuss. Life rule: have snacks.


Organize the gathering with what feels best for your personality type. I’ve been to a clothing swap that was a free-for-all. Everyone threw their goods into a pile in the living room to pillage at leisure. I’ve also been to one where things took on more of a trade vibe. You kept your clothing in certain place and swapped for items as if everyone had their own storefront. However you want to run the show, let your guests know the structure when they arrive.

By the end of the shindig, any goods remaining should go into bags for donation. You can do one massive run, which is in itself an incentive for the event. The result is that you’ve not only cleaned out your closet and bettered your life, but you’ve also hosted a lovely get-together, shopped your vinas’ closets for free, and made donations to charity. This is a win-win-win on all accounts.

(Featured image via Redbook Mag)

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