Sisterhood Thrive


Just because you are doesn’t mean you have to be.

Our team came across this quote last week and had to write a post about it. We LOVE this sentiment. It perfectly encapsulates one of the most rewarding aspects of making new friends: discovering new sides of yourself and new interests.

We often surround ourselves with people who have similar interests and values as we do. Whether it’s because of where we grew up and who we had the opportunity to interact with, or because of where we work, go to school, etc. Our perceptions of ourselves and our personal interests can sometimes be limited.

But now, we live in the digital age and the internet has allowed us to connect with other people outside of our small circles and really expand our world views. So, vinas, it’s time to take advantage!

Using apps like Hey! VINA will more easily allow you to find and connect with women who aren’t exactly like you, which is a great thing. As long as you’re open to it, you’ll find women who can introduce you to new hobbies, new learnings, and even a new perspective on life.

Just because you are, doesn’t mean you have to be! Repeat it and live it, vinas. The world is your oyster. 

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