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Oh my goodness. Fall is finally here! * Does a little dance.* I have been waiting for this moment for the entire year. I grew up in a city with basically no seasons, so I never really understood what all the fall fuss was about until I moved to Oregon. Wow. I get it now. Fall is my favorite season for just about 14 billion reasons, but to me it just feels the best. It’s not so cold that you feel like your toes are going to fall off every time you step outside, but it also doesn’t make you feel like you’re going to melt. Plus, it’s the perfect time to strengthen connections with your vinas! YAS!


YES! It’s finally time to break out the layers, vinas! Fall fashion is perhaps the most versatile season in terms of clothing. It doesn’t have to be all leggings, boots, and sweaters! Mix it up this year! Make a day of fall fashion shopping with your vinas by hitting up a new thrift shop and trying on things you wouldn’t usually wear. Need a color tip? Reach for dark forest greens, neutral blues, and dark chocolate browns. And don’t forget to invite your vinas out for a shopping date! Or, try a clothes swap.

📸: @christopheramat


Do you have any idea how much I’ve missed drinking coffee that doesn’t have ice in it? So much. Not only are hot drinks like a hug for your insides, they’re also very practical. Let’s get real! In fall, it can get a little brisk and while I’m not complaining, a hot coffee can act as the perfect hand warmer. Want to enjoy this with your vinas? Hit up the latest and greatest cafes in your town. If you’re lucky you might just find your new hang out spot. Because who doesn’t want to find their very own Central Perk?


For me, the first sign of fall always comes down to one thing: my first (usually accidental) crunch of a fall leaf on the sidewalk. I’m not a homeowner so I have no idea how frustrating these leaves can probably be. But as a casual observer? I think they’re absolutely amazing. It’s like the trees are reaching out and saying “ don’t forget, it’s Fall!”. This fall, get together with your vinas and relive your childhood. Put on some boots and go leaf stomping! If you’re braver than me (and less afraid of potential bugs) you could even make a fall leaf angel. Can you imagine the Instagram photos?!

📸: Brandy Melville


I’m sorry, vinas. We all knew I was going to have to include this. Would this even be a post about fall if it didn’t mention pumpkin spice? I do not care how basic it makes me, I will love pumpkin spice EVERYTHING until the day I die. However, in the past couple of years, pumpkin flavors have gotten a little bit out of control. Lattes, room sprays, and candles were one thing, but now we have pumpkin spice makeup? What is this world we’re living in? Want to enjoy the pumpkin craze with your vina, but you’ve already had your daily dose of the PSL? Have a fall themed spa day complete with a pumpkin face mask!


Truthfully, Fall is more than just Fall themed things. For me, Fall has always and will always hold this beautiful representation of new beginnings. Remember when you were a child, and you’d get all excited to go back to school? I do. Even though I’m in university now (and school is about 134 times more difficult), Fall still holds that feeling. One of possibility and excitement about the new things to come. Trees shed their leaves every year, and they come back just as strong after Winter passes. This has always served as a reminder that loss and change should not only be accepted, but welcomed. Fall is the perfect time for renewal, growth, and new beginnings. So reach out to old vinas, and go in search of new ones! This is the perfect season to find new vinas, but an even better time to truly find yourself.

What are your favorite things about Fall? Tell us in the comments! (Feature image via @rosielondoner)


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