Explore San Francisco


I took a walking tour of a new city with my vinas and captured some AH-MAZING photos. Try a photo walk with your vinas next time you meet up!


Meeting up with your vinas over the weekend is always a must! It’s an opportunity to check-in and be adventurous without being short on time. As a newby to the Bay Area, I started my weekend off shooting over to San Francisco to meet up with some friends and soak up the skyscrapers and yummy food. A short train ride and I was in the city before noon. While meeting friends for breakfast, I was able to get a quick pic of the popular and very populated Civic Center. From the top floor of the Market Hall, I captured a colorful intersection along Market, home to Twitter, with Uber just around the corner. I love architecture and linear themes so this was a treat for me.

3Next on the list was getting across town to Giants stadium. Part of becoming a Bay Arean, is meeting lifetime Giants fans and appreciating their dedication. So, upon running into friends from undergrad, we were able to climb a few (severallll) stairs to capture another architectural haven. The streets buzzed with fans, young and old. Even as a die hard Dodgers fan, it was definitely a moment worth witnessing.

2Before the day, and good lighting, got away, we made my way over to Lombard Street where the famous wind-y street lined with gorgeous flowers brings in people from around the world. Lombard Street runs between a row of luxury houses all centered in the well-known Russian Hill district. The climb was a bit steep but well-worth observing tourists and locals navigating the narrow space. A bit of pandemonium but that’s The City!

8I then caught the ferry back to Alameda where I got a bite at a local coffeeshop and noticed an adorable mosaic of a woman blowing bubbles. Because my favorite color is purple and because I’m an art lover, I had to get a shot. I left for Emeryville shortly after to catch the sunset from the East Bay side of the water. Perfect timing! As fall approaches, the sunsets illuminate the colors of the trees as they change too. Highly recommend stopping here to think, run or grab dinner at any of the restaurants nearby.


5It was an awesome day of shooting. Nothing fancy, just me, my vinas, and our iPhones. It was nice to notice what caught my eye and what caught my vinas’. So take the walk with your vina during lunch, after work, or over the weekend. It’s a small, local adventure that’s sure to end in some amazing photos.

Where would you do a photo walk with your vinas in YOUR city? Tell us in the comment section below!

(Featured Image via Venus Trapped in Mars)


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