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Okay, we all know Autumn is the best season. The smell of crisp leaves, cute and comfy Fall boots, scarves, and hoodies, and pumpkin EVERYTHING. Despite all of this rich Fall- goodness, there’s a delicateness in the air during the later seasons, a solemn preparation for Winter, where we remember to slow down, take more time for ourselves and our friends, and remember what’s important to us.

Spring and Summer are fun seasons: you get pool time with your vinas, sunny road trips, and patio hangs! Autumn tends to feel like a more serious month, where things shift from being bright, light, and vibrant to being softer, quieter, and more simple. Sometimes it’s hard to make sure you’re keeping fun dates planned with your vinas, as the season changes and there’s a whole other world of things to do!

Struggling with some ideas on how to deepen your relationships with vinas you met this summer as the season shifts? Here are a few favorite ways to show you’re in it for the long haul:

📸: @uotennessee


There’s nothing like the crisp, cool Autumn air, leaves crunching beneath your feet, taking a slow stroll in your favorite park or hiking trail to get to know your vina better. This is a great opportunity to talk about your upcoming plans for the season, what you’re looking forward to, or what makes you nervous in-preparation for the holidays. (Have you seen Aunt Polly’s unique take on casseroles? Enough said.)


Head to the thrift store to dream up a new warm wardrobe. Sweaters and beanies and scarves, oh my! This can be an inexpensive, fun vina-date, whether you end up purchasing new clothes, or just getting inspiration for future shopping dates.


Go to a pumpkin patch or go apple picking! You know, those places where you can go and get kettle corn out of what looks like a giant witches’ cauldron, take a hay ride to a giant field of pumpkins, and enjoy the simple pleasures nature has to offer. It’s something you can only do for a short window during the year, so don’t miss out!

📸: Local Wanderer


Go camping or find a place to have a campfire. This is the ultimate place to tell stories, talk about the meaning of life, share apple cider, and roast weenies (or tofu-dogs, for our vegetarian vinas)!


Take a last-minute roadtrip. Hop in the car as the leaves start changing, fill up the gas tank, and prep your camera for taking lots of pictures! There’s no better way to end the year than making lasting memories with your Vinas. Pick a place that’s close, that you could venture to in a weekend, or even a day, or plan something more extended, if you’re feeling wanderlust.

What are your favorite autumnal activities to do with your vinas? Tell us in the comments! (Feature image via Brandy Melville)

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