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This is Cheap vs. Treat, where we offer wallet-friendly and over-the-top vina-date ideas. Whether you’re itching to treat yo’self or wanting to be as thrifty as possible, there’s a vina-date for you. Have an idea for a Cheap vs. Treat? Tweet us @ilikevina!

For women entering a budding friendship, one of our favorite vina-dates to suggest is the fool-proof dinner date. Having dinner together gives you all the time in the world to get to know each other (or at least until the check comes). That’s why we chose this classic for our second installment of Cheap vs. Treat!

If you want to mix things up, you can do it by going super thrifty OR over-the-top extravagant. Here’s how:

📸: Playbuzz


There’s nothing wrong with a good ol’ DIY dinner party for two. Splitting the cost of ingredients will not only make this a way less expensive affair than dining out, but you can have fun cooking together! Plus, you’ll be saving $$ on your lunch the next day if you have any leftovers. Alternatively, you could find a gallery opening, networking event, or take a trip to your local Costco to fuel up on free snacks and samples. It just depends on if you’re feeling homey or adventurous!

📸: @gustavoferreira908


Nothing says treat quite like a fancy buffet. Shell out the extra cash, and find the fanciest dinner buffet in your town – if you don’t live in Las Vegas, aka Buffet Central. A local high-end hotel probably has one. Put on your most food-baby-forgiving party dress, get dolled up and head to the fancy meal. Plan on eating your body weight in filet mignon, lobster, and decadent mac n’ cheese with your vina. Do us a favor and don’t forget the all-you-can-eat dessert!

Where would you go with your vina if you wanted a cheap or treat meal? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to tweet @ilikevina your Cheap Vs. Treat ideas! (Feature image via @claudiasulewski)

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