Sisterhood Thrive


Hey, teachers of the world! From all of us here at VINA HQ, happy World Teacher Day. We are giving shoutouts to all our favorite teachers who have played a part in mentoring and molding us into the women we are today.


“My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Walker, saw potential in me and really pushed me to do more in school. She went so far as to submit my writing to a children’s anthology and got a short story of mine published in a book. It was really special to have a teacher go out of her way to help me reach my dreams. Thanks, Mrs. Walker!”


“To Miss Compton from St. Catherine’s in East Flatbush, Brooklyn — some gratitude poetry to let you know that I made it:

I struggled with words,
You knew that, but your
faith in me was the seed
that flowered and wrapped
around their doubts.
I learned to speak, but
More so, I learned how
little girls can build
worlds out of words.


“To Ito-sensei from Uni High in Urbana, Illinois: thank you for being so kind and welcoming from Day 1. I knew I HAD to take your class, which resulted in a year-long adventure that shaped my young adult life. You taught your students language fundamentals but left plenty of time for singing and fun. You showed me that not all learning is academic and that we don’t need to be fully prepared to jump into the unknown with confidence.”


“There aren’t many teachers who I remember in high school, but there is one lady that I will never forget – Mrs. Spin. Although she wasn’t a teacher, Mrs. Spin worked on campus as an attendance technician. On my first day of high school, she was the person who calmed my nerves. A simple ‘hello!’ and big bold smile from her was a big enough confidence booster to begin my day. Mrs. Spin showed a lot interest in all of the students, not just myself.

I’m still in contact with the vibrant Mrs. Spin via Facebook. Till this day, she consistently reaches out to past graduates by asking them how their kids are, congratulating them on their job promotions, and sending words of encouragement if you’re feeling down. She is the QUEEN of maintaining lasting relationships, and I admire and adore her so much for that. Through her, I have learned that there is power in kindness and friendliness. A small gesture can go a long way.”


“Thank you, Ms. Jansen from Lowell High School in San Francisco, for encouraging my artistic growth and expression as a young woman. I wouldn’t have ever been able to consider myself an artist if it wasn’t for your classes. Happy World Teacher Day!”

(Feature image via NCTSN)

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