Career Sisterhood Thrive


One of the best parts about work is that you are probably (hopefully) exposed to awesome, successful, hard-working women. In terms of networking, women tend to become friends first before connecting on a professional level. So developing work friends is not only good for the soul – it could also be good for your career.

Here are 4 tips on making friends in the workplace:


This one’s easy. The vinas at the same level as you career-wise are the ones you’ll have the most in common with and are most likely to spend time with at the office (lunch buddies anyone?). Put yourself out there! Collaborating on projects can be a great place to start bonding, and don’t be afraid to ask a coworker for post-work drinks if you think they could be your new bestie.


Whether she’s your direct superior or not, this is the trickiest of workplace friendships. You should probably go into this thinking more in terms of developing a mentoring relationship than a friendship, especially if this woman is your boss. Regardless, try to find some things you have in common and run with it. Ask for advice, ask her about how she got where she is now professionally, ask her everything! Most women will be more than happy to impart their wisdom, and this is a great stepping stone to a successful working relationship with a superior.

We bet #ladyboss LC knows how to perfectly balance her work relationships (📸: Lauren Conrad)


On the flip side of the mentor/mentee coin: if your new work bud is your employee, you have to be equally as careful not to cross the very fine line into an inappropriate personal relationship. True friendship with an employee can be tough, but offering support as a professional mentor is a great way to be friendly while maintaining an appropriate distance from each other’s personal lives.


Maybe someone introduced you two or you met at an event? That’s great! Like we said, studies have shown that women network by forming friendships before using their connections for professional purposes. So go ahead like you would with any new friend and get to know your new connection as a new vina! Worry about leveraging your career-boosting connection after you established a sound friendship.

Are you friends with the women in your workplace? How do those relationships pan out? Let us know in the comments! (Feature image via IMDB)

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