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Hey! VINA makes it super duper easy to find new people to connect with, but after you connect, how do you turn a friend fling into a deep, meaningful friendship?

We want to make the entire friendship process easier for you, so today we’re tackling the topic of relationship growth. We’ve written in the past about some of the key things that can help you deepen your bonds with your vinas, but as always there’s more to learn.

The planting and growth of a tree is the perfect metaphor for friendship. Planting the seed on Hey! VINA is sending the first message to meet up. After your first vina-date, you’ve got a little seedling of a relationship starting to grow. There are some things you can do to help ensure your budding friendship will develop deep roots.

📸: @designlovefest


We LOVE that vinas are making the effort to organize groups from the app and are taking them offline. That’s a great way to meet a ton of vinas at once. As you realize who you click with and who may just be a friend-fling, you should start hanging out one-on-one with the vinas who you think are BFF material. It’s only then you can really start  getting to know your vina on a deeper level, which brings us to our next points…


You can have fun hanging out with acquaintances even if you don’t have much in common, but to develop a deeper friendship you have to have similarities in your core beliefs. While we believe you can be friends with anyone, we also know that truly deep and meaningful friendships come with those you agree with on essential points. Keep getting to know your vina, and you’ll soon start to discover all the things you agree on and disagree on. You’ll know you’ve found a new bestie when your important things align with hers.


Along the same lines of the last tip, science shows that getting deep and being vulnerable is the best way to form lasting bonds. Being honest, open, and candid about your issues, beliefs, and hopes will create a bridge of trust between you and your vina. Vulnerability and trust are key to any lasting friendship! She’ll be the Ilana to your Abby in no time.

Find the vina you can unapologetically yourself with (📸: @troprouge)

We hope these insights help you begin the awesome journey of deepening your relationships with our vinas. What else have you found in your personal life that has helped you maintain and deepen bonds within your friendships? Tell us in the comments, we can’t wait to hear!

(Feature image via @jamie_baratta)



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