October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month and it may be the perfect time in your life to bring home a furry bundle of joy. With endless amounts of unconditional love, a dog will always be a VINA’s most loyal companion. Dogs are the most amazing creatures; they never judge or hold a grudge. All they want to do is enjoy your company and maybe a bite from your burger!

One of my most memorable days to date is the day I brought home Holly (see the picture below)! Five years ago I adopted my furry best friend from the Humane Society. Holly was a skinny and rambunctious one-year-old puppy with a mix of Black Labrador and Pit Bull. The shelter had a tough time finding a home for her because she was very high energy and needed quite a bit of training. But she was the perfect match for me and we fell in love immediately.

With all the joys of owning a dog also comes great responsibility. Shelter dogs have already gone through so much trauma in their life and they need a warm and stable home to feel secure. Often times dogs come with behavioral issues that require patience and consistent training. When I first brought Holly home she had terrible separation anxiety and would lash out with destructive behavior when left home alone. Over the years she has learned to calm down and has built trust with us. She now knows we will always come home to her and she won’t be abandoned again.

Me and Holly!

If you decide to adopt a shelter dog you will soon realize that it is one of the most rewarding experience you can have. When you’re ready to welcome a new furry family member, make sure you are prepared for a long-term commitment and you are giving your pup a forever home. Know that there will be many great days but also tough days too.

Being a vina dog mom will both reward and challenge you. The love you receive from a rescue is unparalleled. Your pup will fill your days with so much joy and of course lots of slobbery kisses. Plus, you can connect with other dog moms on the Hey! VINA app and maybe even find your ball of fluff a new friend, too!

“You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it.”

(Feature Image via @best-friend-memories)

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