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Instagram is becoming the most popular social media platform, and a lot of vinas take their profiles very seriously. A couple of weeks ago, I did an Insta-worthy photoshoot with real-life vinas, Menaka and Fonda. Whether you’re trying to reach influencer-status or just appreciate an aesthetically-pleasing profile, these tips from our shoot will help you show off your vinas while keeping your Insta theme on point:


DSC_0532 (1)

Regular selfies are fine and dandy, but a selfie-stick will up your Instagram game dramatically. They can help you show off more of that cool background, take the pic from a more flattering angle, and get way more people into the shot! Plus, did you know they make selfie-sticks with built-in front-facing flash? Talk about good selfie lighting.


DSC_0060 (1)

Props are a must-have for any Instagram-worthy photo. For our shoot with Menaka and Fonda, we stopped by this adorable bakery and had fun with some cute cupcakes. Be creative! Props can make a photo set-up go from blah to ah-mazing in no time. Bonus: go for props that you can eat, so there’s goodness to go around from yum! to finish.

#OOTD ENVYDSC_0163.jpg

I got super lucky with these vinas because they had some seriously awesome personal style. Make the most of a singular photoshoot by bringing lots of outfit, makeup, and hair options – this will give you tons of photo content that you can post over the next few weeks or months. No one has to know all the pics were shot on one day. 😉


Whether shooting indoors or outside, natural and not-too-sunny lighting is your best bet for the perfect Insta photo. If you’re indoors, find a spot near a window to let in the perfect soft light for a shadow-free and squint-free pic. If outside, aim to shoot in the morning or late afternoon to avoid harsh shadows caused by direct sunlight. Also, the magic hour right before sunset will be your best friend – trust me.

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