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As powerful and motivated vinas, competition is in our nature. Often, it can push us to work harder and improve our skills. Just look at the Olympics – in order to be the best in the world you have to size up your competition and find ways to outperform them. It forces you to completely dedicate yourself to your craft and achieve great accomplishments.

Even with all the benefits of competition, sometimes the positive spirit of it can be lost. Women have been taught to compare ourselves to others which can make us question our own self-worth. These types of feelings can be detrimental to our own growth and self-improvement, especially when they manifest as catty or cliquey behavior.

As vinas we need to band together to appreciate and learn from each other’s strengths. An individual is limited on how much experience she can gain on her own. When you learn from the challenges and achievements of your fellow vinas, you can instantly gain so much more knowledge and inspiration. Building a community of vinas who share and collaborate elevates everyone and brings your work to new heights.

Can we be a part of this girl gang? (📸: @andreaschoice)

I began blogging a couple years ago and after working completely on my own for about 6 months I started to feel isolated, uninspired, and frustrated. It wasn’t until I attended a blogger event at San Francisco Fashion Week that I met some fellow bloggers who have helped me achieve so much more with my own blog.

We meet on a regular basis and have working sessions to discuss pain points, brainstorm, and collaborate on projects. They are my first point on contact when I am faced with a blogging decision or obstacle. I gain so much when we share our experiences and are frank and honest about hardships. Sometimes just knowing that someone else has been through the same experiences you are going through is enough to give you the strength to keep pushing forward. Can you say #SquadGoals?

Supporting the success of others doesn’t take away from your own hard work. And when your time comes around, your girl gang will be there to celebrate your success with you. Let’s bring out the best and elevate each other!

How do you and your vinas support each other? Share in the comments!

(Featured image via @brandymelvilleusa)


  1. I love this question! I’ve never really sat down & given it detailed thought, but reading this made me realize how much I appreciate the diverse support of vinas in my life.

    I’m all for peace & fresh air, so the way I show moral support for my vinas is to sit with them somewhere with open air. Whether it’s on their front porch late at night, or at a cafe patio when it’s nice out, I like to take them out of their element with no distractions. That way, their thoughts become more sensory when a nice breeze flows by or the air brings a comfortable autumn taste & they get to really focus on what they’d like to vent about, feeling safe & at ease as opposed to a crowded place where they might be heard & judged, or a fancy place where they might be self-conscious of their look. That’s my version.

    What my vinas have done for me is quite different, but still makes me happy. I have one girl friend who voluntarily helps me clean my place & sometimes even cooks. She’s the momma bear type & she displays her compassion by giving me less to worry about so I’m not so stressed when I want to vent to her. Another girl friend brings her amazingly sweet dog who everyone is in love with to accompany us on our vina date to make me laugh & help me remember that it’s okay to be silly.

    Simply compiling this response had made my day as it is a good feeling to have appreciation for something so abstract, yet valuable in life – women empowering women. Much love to the Vinazine & thanks for the good vibes! 🌼


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