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When you don’t feel like heading to the club, movies, or bar with your vinas, a TV binge is the perfect thing to do. If you’re having trouble convincing them to skip the club, remind them a Girl’s Night In will save them money on over-priced drinks, they can can their comfy sweatpants on, and you’ll get some QT together 👯. So invite your vinas over to your place and pull out the snacks and blankets!

There are plenty of shows that can empower you and embody the sisterhood we consistently need in the world. We chose these three in particular because we know they will have you and your vinas laughing, crying, and bonding. Count how many times you think SAME while watching:



Gina Rodriguez, the lead actress in Jane the Virgin, won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series Comedy shortly after the first season aired, because she’s just THAT good. In the show, Jane and her mom Xo are close in age, so their relationship mirrors a sisterhood more than it does a standard mother-daughter connection. Xo is always there to get Jane out of trouble (just as quickly as she gets her into it). If you and your vinas are looking for something sweet and funny, this is the show for you!

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New Girl has a dominant male cast, but we also get a dose of some awesome vina love. Jess and CiCi are two loving, intelligent, hilarious characters that constantly balance out the goofiness and ‘man-splaining’ that Winston, Nick, Schmidt, and Coach have to offer. These vinas support each other while holding their own, and that’s type of friendship we should all strive for.


Vinas, we needed a show like OITNB, and I’m so happy we have it. It’s about struggle, perseverance, and most importantly, sisterhood. It helps us look into the perspectives of vinas from all backgrounds and shows us that everything won’t always be easy, but there will always be vinas to boost your confidence, offer a shoulder to lean on…or help you hide contraband (just kidding!).

What are your favorite TV shows with powerful messages of sisterhood? Tell us in the comments!

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