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Among autumn leaves and apples, it can be bittersweet to see your kids start a new school year. But the good news is that when the children are away, mom goes out to play!

We know that life as a parent can be pretty overwhelming. It’s imperative not only to have some me time, but time with your vinas as well. Welcome this new school year for you and for both new and old vinas by throwing one (or all!) of these kid-free social events!

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Going out for a meal or happy hour is popular for vinas across the board, but why not make it a little cozier and host a gathering in your own home? Every mom’s schedule is going to be different, but an afternoon hour should be ample time for everyone to meet up and enjoy a little food, drink, and conversation while the kids are still at school. Cook up some of your favorite appetizers and/or have every vina bring their own to share with the group. If you have even more time, maybe you and your vinas can bake some treats too! If the afternoon is too difficult for everyone to meet, holding a morning coffee hour is a similar (and fun!) alternative.

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Break out the poker chips and cards and dust off those old boxes of Clue and Sorry. Bring out the kid in all of you with a vina game day! Revisit some youthful classics like Taboo, Monopoly, or Yahtzee. And bonus: Since there will be no real children around, you don’t have to feel shame about playing Cards Against Humanity or a little bit of Texas Hold ‘Em for money. Some friendly competition (and an accompanying glass a wine) never hurt anyone.

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Working out is more fun with your vinas. Get the girls together and put on some Zumba videos for all of you to follow and burn it out. If your living room has the potential to squish you all like sardines, no worries — head out to your favorite group fitness class! You can also always head outdoors for endless possibilities. Break out some yoga mats for group yoga at the park. Go out for a hike or a run. If you or your vinas have fur babies, double the fun and make your group workout a puppy play date too! To quote Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy.” What could make vinas happier than exercise and being around each other (and maybe some pups)?

We wish our VINA moms and kids all the very best this school year! What social events do you plan on hosting for your vinas?

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