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It can be difficult to make friends outside of your major at your university, but it’s really important. Not only will it help diversify your college experience, but it will also give you the opportunity to learn about new things and collaborate with people with different skills and talents. I majored in Film & Television. When I needed to learn how to create a well-designed movie poster for a project, I turned to my friend in Advertising to collab with me and teach me how it’s done. On my own, I never could’ve designed something as good as the final product that we came up with together!

I think the hardest part about having new friends in different majors is finding things to talk about. When you’re new at school, the first question is “What’s your major?”

What to say after that can be the hard part. If you’ve met someone you click with (on Hey! VINA perhaps?) and want to make the most out of knowing someone in a different major, here are some tips for how to talk to them and how to learn from them.


This is more for yourself than for them, but reading up on a topic related to their major is an A+ idea. It will give you something to talk with them about, and you’ll be soaking in a ton of new information along the way. I make a point to do this now, too, even though I’ve recently graduated. Whether it’s art history, biology, or finance, never stop reading and learning!


Ask them about what they’re learning. It’s simple. If they’re majoring in a subject, they’re probably pretty passionate about it. Have them tell you about their fave class, something cool they learned that week or a project they’re working on. It’ll be sure to get them chatting away, and you may learn something too in the process.


I’m reiterating this point because I truly think this is the best way to bond with your vina in a different major and learn something new in the process. Collaborating on an academic or personal project allows you to spend time together and simultaneously teach each other something. Plus, creating something together can be really exciting and rewarding. College is a time for experimenting with your interests and talents, and collaborating is the perfect way to accomplish that.

What’s your fave thing about having vinas in other majors?

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