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There are tons of good reasons to meditate. When I started, I couldn’t get through more than a minute, but my vina guru told me that it was a-okay. We all start somewhere with any new venture.

Gradually, that minute became two, and then three. Meditation increases your self awareness, pension for joy, and cardiovascular health. It is easily overlooked and yet quite possibly one of the best things you can do for yourself.

My above mentioned vina guru is the one who got me into it. I started with her sitting right next to me. It took that kind of support, that kind of push to get me on the floor with legs crossed and sage lit. For whatever reason – my own insecurity, no doubt – I felt like meditating wasn’t something I could do. However, having someone there with me was enough to start.

As the moments ticked by, I knew that if I was alone I would have gotten up and occupied myself with something else. Perhaps I would have rolled around on the floor and checked my Instagram. More likely, I would have given up.

There was something about the accountability of having a friend there with me that kept me on the floor. I remember thinking, “What if she’s deep in meditation and getting her inner peace on? Leaving might pull her away from that.” I stayed out of respect.

In staying, I tapped into the briefest flash of the shores of my mind. In an instance, I stopped thinking, stopped counting time, or wondering. It happened like the flickering of a lightbulb, so faint that I wasn’t sure it had happened at all. So I settled in the hope that I might find it again.

I didn’t find it again in that session, but I would continue to seek and find it in my practice during the years. As we sat there in her bedroom in Santa Fe, what I did find was a peace, warmth, and love that I am sure was a product of our bond. A kind of energy passed between the two of us that I couldn’t have collected on my own.

Much of the time, I meditate by myself for a few minutes at the start or end of my day. When I can, I cherish that space after a yoga class where you and a bunch of strangers are just breathing and humming next to each other. On the very best of days, I wander back to Santa Fe and sit on that bedroom with my vina guru.

Meditating with a vina can get to you the floor, keep you there, heighten your energy recharge, and bring the two of you closer, but only if you’re willing to let someone in that inner space.

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