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When I pitched this story, it was a little bit out of my own self interest. I personally love taking selfies and posting them all over social media, and I wish the remains of the stigma surrounding selfies would just disappear already. Am I just a huge narcissist? Maybe.

But as I continued to think about it, I realized there are a ton of real benefits to taking and posting selfies, especially if you’re doing it with your vinas. I did some serious soul-searching and some light insta-stalking and came up with 4 reasons why we should all be taking more selfies:

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 5.05.49 PM
“There is no wrong way to ‘human’. There is no wrong way to have a face. You simply have one or you don’t, and it’s better to have one than to not (; embrace the face” – @danceswithcircles


Selfies are an expression of self-love. They allow yourself to accept that your face is your face, and you’re proud of that! It doesn’t have to be an entirely public form of expression, but it certainly can be. It’s both brave and NBD to post a selfie depending on how you look at it. Also, I love seeing pics of my vinas on social media when they’re feelin’ good about themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.41.25 PM.png
Say ‘Hey!” for representation! (📸: @dounia.t)


One of the biggest things that I love about the pro-selfie movement, especially on Instagram, is the body positivity. There are so many social media influencers who are advocating for it by posting unedited selfies of their real bodies. Not only does it give women the agency to decide how their bodies are portrayed on social media, but it puts real and beautifully imperfect bodies in the limelight for other women to see. This helps normalize unedited bodies. On social media, a lot of the representations of body and face are heavily Photoshopped.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 5.06.01 PM.png
And you know, the drinks might help, too. (📸: @bellahadid)


Let’s be real: a cute selfie is a great way to break down walls between you and a new vina. I love asking my vina dates to take a selfie with me. No other reason except that it’s fun. Even better if you add in a silly Snapchat filter.

Our vinas Menaka and Fonda 💙


With your current BFFs, selfies are important for documentation and celebration! You don’t want to forget all the good moments and fun times with your vinas, and selfies are definitely the best way to remember them.

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