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Notice how we still use the term dating here in our title? It’s because this feels like a really similar process. You are essentially looking for a healthy relationship, to spend time with someone who will help you grow, give you a space for joy, and teach you things about yourself you couldn’t learn alone.

If starting feels a little slow going or you’re afraid to just dive right in, we’ve got some ideas on how to jump-start this process:

Take time in building your profile and answering our quizzes with real thought. Being as honest and open about yourself and what you’re looking for will save you a ton of time in the long run. Don’t make a profile full of things you think people want (yoga? kale lover? extrovert?). Create a bio that is earnestly you. Your new vina wants the most authentic version of your personality and interests. A misrepresentation of yourself isn’t doing anyone any favors.

Via @herizen_fawn


Don’t overlook someone right away because of a blatant difference in interests or personalities. When you start out, you’re still learning what might make a good friend for you. It could be different than your initial ideas. Opening yourself to more options increase your chances at a real connection.


If making new friends is a priority to you, set aside some time for it. Open up your schedule, and be flexible to making a date with a vina. Does she want to meet in the morning during your regular yoga class? Get flexible and go to evening yoga. You aren’t looking for a puzzle piece that fits perfectly into your life. You’re looking for a new friend.

Via @catveins


If it’s hard to set aside time, make a whole day of it! Line up a few dates back to back and really put yourself out there. Another great option is to arrange a vina party picnic, and invite a bunch of matches all to a park with snacks and wine. That way, everyone is a stranger, and you can all dive right in together! (Be sure that everyone understands that it’s a group thing, not an 1-on-1.)


Just jump right in! Life is too short to miss out great new friends.

(Featured image via @brandymelvilleusa)

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