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Sources like CNN, Huffington Post, and Broadly (just to name a few) have reported that as early as age 25, we start losing friends and making way less new ones. There were two major studies conducted recently that concluded after age 25 or 30 your social circle starts shrinking.

Around age 30, people start evaluating who is important in their lives and who is not, even subconsciously casting out those who don’t make the cut. Basically, we get lazy and decide it’s not worth keeping in touch with certain people.

Here at VINA, we totally get that maintaining relationships and meeting brand new friends can be really hard. We created Hey! VINA for the very purpose of helping women meet other women. I’s so important that we continue to develop and maintain friendships, especially after 30.

We can only hope our squad looks this awesome when we’re old and grey. (📸: Advanced Style)

So help us challenge the idea that we stop making friends as we get older. Download the app if you haven’t already and start making connections. After all, they say life is what you make it. So make it great with your vinas. 👯

As you get older, are you finding your social group dwindling? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I absolutely have found it to be way more difficult to maintain and make friends the older I become. I am 59, retired no children, 2 adult step children. It has become much more difficult to meet other woman with whom I a life style preferences in common. Not having my own children leaves me out of the “Mom” groups, being a step parent comes with its own very unique challenges and stressors that bio parents can never relate too. Being retired I no longer have the job site opportunities to make new friends and have long lost contact with the friends I did know from work. I am looking very forward to the possibilities of making friendships with other woman with whom share some of my unique challenges and experiences!


    1. Terry, we are SO happy you’re a part of the VINA community! We understand the unique struggles many different women face trying to create and maintain social relationships as we get older. That’s why we made Hey! VINA and we hope it brings you success! Thanks for being our vina 🙂


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