We frequently get asked why our app is just for women. While there are multiple answers to that question, one of the most important ones is that women simply make friends differently than men. To shed some light on this fact, we’ve rounded up some examples of the main differences:


While men’s friendships tend to revolve around activities, female connections revolve more around intimacy and sharing their thoughts and feelings. Men might associate with one another through transactional, function-focused activities, like helping a buddy fix his car or paint his apartment. On the other hand, women prefer to engage in more intimate activities centered around talking and less doing.


Similar to the previous point, men seem to like shoulder-to-shoulder activities like watching sports games or drinking next to each other at a bar. As a contrast, women enjoy face-to-face activities like sitting down for a meal or just going somewhere to talk.

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Studies show that women prefer spending time one-on-one (most of the time) while men prefer hanging out in groups. Since women are more interested in exchanging thoughts and emotions, they like one-on-one time because it’s easier to talk and listen. Men usually share group-specific activities (like poker or golfing) that require more than one person to begin with.


It’s been found that women spend much more time and effort not only cultivating friendships but maintaining them. Women want to get to know someone and create lasting deep connections, and they’re more ready to put in the effort.

For all these reasons and more, VINA realized that we needed to create a safe place for women to make connections in a way that specifically catered to their specific behaviors and needs. We wanted to focus on personality, not aesthetics, and help women find other like-minded women that they could bond and grow relationships with.

Do you find your friendships are much different than your male friends?

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