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One of the best parts about moving to college is getting to decorate your dorm room. Mostly, so that your room can stop looking like a jail cell and more like your new home.

However, since most of us aren’t blessed with singles, it might be a bit of a challenge to decorate your room when there’s another person (or two…or even three other people) with a completely different style, sleeping two feet away. It’s best to discuss and decide well before move-in day! That way if you and your roommate want to split the cost of DIY materials or store-bought items, you can both show up with your half of the decor and jump straight into making your shared space AH-MAZING!

There are ways to create a cohesive living space with your roomie while still maintaining your personal flair. Just follow the three C’s of dorm decorating (can I trademark that?):


Having a short convo with your roomie about how your individual vision for decorating will go a long way with deciding what to bring and what not to bring on move-in day. Also, talking about your fave (and not-so fave) aspects of your bedrooms at home might allow you to find some common decor likes and dislikes that you can incorporate into the new space.


When it comes to dorm decoration, DIY is your new best friend. Find some crafty inspo from The Sorry Girls. I’m obsessed with the video below. They give so many cool hacks and DIYs to spice up a boring dorm room! Also, if you check out their channel, they have lots of other fun DIY tutorials that can help make your room major design goals.


Your roomie may not be into the idea of you bringing your well-loved, albeit sort of stinky, bean bag chair from home. Expect to make compromises, and try to find some middle ground so that both you and your roommate are comfy and love the space.


Okay, this isn’t one of the C’s, but it is important to remember. In the end, your space is YOURS. So if you can’t coordinate, create together, or compromise, you gotta just do you. Keep your things confined to your half of the room, and decorate as you please. It’s not ideal, but sometimes, the fourth C… is clash. And that’s okay.

(Featured image via @urbanoutfitters)


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