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Jet setting to a new destination? We’re excited for you.

That’s why we have a Hey! VINA feature that makes all of this a little easier and more exciting. As you travel, did you know that you can update your current location to discover local vinas city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood?

We’re love this feature in Hey! VINA because it makes us all feel a little closer on a global scale. Travel is such an exciting time in life. Whether you’re doing it for work or pleasure, alone or with a friend in tow, there are so many bonuses to reaching out to someone who lives in your next destination.

First, check and make sure that our app is active in the city you are headed to. We are live in hundreds of places and constantly rolling out to more cities and regions.


Then, go to your location settings and update to wherever you are headed. You can now start reaching out to local vinas. A pro tip is planning this ahead of time, so you can set up a date before hand and take advantage of your short visit.


A local vina is the best kind of tour guide because she’ll know all the good go-to spots that locals frequent rather than Google’s top searches. Locals will also know about hidden treasures: watering holes, epic happy hour, private hikes, and neighborhoods to absolutely avoid. Usually the best places aren’t marked on any map!

If you are visiting a place for work or discovering it for leisure, you will have a guaranteed good time when you have an established vina connection in that city. There’s no need anymore to be eating dinner alone in the hotel lounge.

If you’re leaving on a long excursion with several destinations, linking up with vinas ahead of time can be a life and time saver. Even if the two of you somehow couldn’t connect as you pass through, it’s always nice to know there is a friendly face to call if things get strange.

Hey, the vinas of the world are always looking out for you.

(Featured image via carefreeandpreppy.tumblr.com)


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