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It’s hard to know how to navigate your romantic and platonic relationships when jealousy rears its ugly head. If you, your bae, or your vinas find the green monster coming out to play, we have some advice for not letting it destroy everything.


Sometimes jealousy sneaks up on you. Let’s say that you’ve developed a severe case of #FOMO over two of your vinas hanging out without you. Or maybe you’ve really started to resent your significant other’s BFF? Whatever the situation, in most cases, jealousy is pretty unwarranted and unnecessary (although completely natural and understandable). Luckily though, once you recognize it, you can work towards squashing the beef internally.

If you find yourself experiencing jealously, the best way to overcome it is to recognize where it’s coming from and take steps to change your own behavior and thought process. Got #FOMO? Make plans with your friends all together! Try to remember that them hanging out together is not a reflection on you personally or your relationships with either of them, even if it feels like it at first.

Or are you jealous of Bae’s relationship with their BFF? Try to get to know that BFF better. The closer you two become, the less jealous or insecure you’ll feel about their friendship with your partner. Plus, if Bae likes them, chances are you will, too.

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This is certainly a tricky situation. Chances are the jealous friend or partner won’t express their true feelings outright. Their jealousy will probably manifest as passive-aggressive digs, stand-offishness, or flat-out anger that has no rhyme or reason. The source, of course, will be jealousy.

If you recognize this, there are things you can do to make your partner or your vina feel more secure. Not so surprisingly, these are similar to the steps you would take for yourself. Being proactive will save you and your relationships a lot of time and trouble. Take care to spend a little extra time with the hurt party. Schedule a weekly brunch with your vina, or a date-night with your beau. Encourage them to spend some time extra time together (with or without you). Jealousy often stems from a misunderstanding of the intentions or behavior of another person. If the two of them can get to know each other a little better, they’ll feel less insecure about their relationships with you.

Have you dealt with jealousy in your interpersonal relationships? How did you handle it?

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