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In a not-so-surprising twist, it turns out that college students are using apps meant for romantic dating to meet platonic friends. Obviously, here at VINA, we’re not surprised. We recognized early the need for a friendship app (hello, Hey! Vina) because not so long ago, it just didn’t exist.

Before Hey! Vina existed, our very own CEO and co-founder Olivia tried to use apps like OkCupid to meet girl-friends when she moved to San Francisco. She was met with everything from “I’m not a lesbian!” to women admitting that they were also using the app for the same reason. That’s when Olivia realized that there was a need for an app designed specifically for women to meet friends. But not everyone has caught on.

A recent study reported that 53% of the college students surveyed are using dating apps for meeting friends (with the other 47% looking for romantic relationships or hook-ups). Now, there’s nothing wrong with using dating apps for finding a hook-up or your next bae. But when trying to meet platonic friends, it can cause a bit of confusion. On most dating apps, there’s a focus on physical appearance and attraction and not as much focus on personality and interests.

Plus, when everyone’s intentions are different and unclear (friendship vs. hooking up vs. relationships), one or more parties stand to get their feelings hurt. The technology of dating apps isn’t built for discovering people who you could form strong friendships with.


For all you collegiate babes, there’s a way better way to meet friends and form lasting, deep connections. Save romantic relationships for the Tinders of the world, and head on over to Hey! Vina to find your new bestie. We use personality quizzes, education and career information, and interest-based questions to make it easier to find gals who you’ll click with.

We encourage meeting up with your matches right away – so you can know immediately if she’s going to be your new vina! Unlike romantic dating, there’s no pheromones or sexual chemistry to add into the mix – we always say: “If you’re friends on paper, you’ll be friends IRL.” So forget the pressure, and go find your new vina!

Have you tried dating apps to meet friends? Let us know your experiences in the comments!

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