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The open road is one of the most enchanting adventures out there. Iconic and epic, it’s the thing movies and songs and books are written about. Setting forth with your best friends on a great American road trip is an absolute must, but choosing a destination is daunting.

We’ve done a little bit of the leg work for you and laid out our five must-do trips. Each has a different objective and incentives all their own. All you need to plan is the perfect playlist!

The 1. Enjoy this stretch of coastal highway with your windows down, and let that salty breeze kiss your face. Start in LA and head north. The views through Big Sur are some of the most gorgeous you will ever see. Some of our favorite campsites in the area are Andrew Molera and Limekiln. Keep on going, and make your way to SF and beyond.

Via @daryasvirina

Do Utah. I’m no geologist, but I am pretty sure that the structures throughout Utah are some serious oddities of the natural world. There is a cluster of national parks in the area. Hit up Zion, Arches, and Bryce Canyon in one fell swoop. Lace up those hiking boots, and get to it!

Gulf Coast, Route 98. Explore this one for the spirit of driving itself. There are nooks and crannies of this country that you might never otherwise see. New Orleans is a great destination or city to fly into and start from there. You will not be disappointed.

Via @carolyn_mckeown

The Blue Ridge Highway. This is the east coast version of The One and a damn fine rival to it. This highway connects the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. We recommend taking it in the Fall for a kind of color wheel of trees you might not otherwise ever experience.

Hometown Hunt. This is the grab bag road trip. Get in the car with your bestie, and head in the direction of your hometown and then hers. While it might not be the most iconic road trip, it will be the most unique. Don’t forget to stop for pie whenever possible, take tons of pics, and pull over if you get sleepy.

Happy trails!

(Featured image via seersucker-and-sailboats.tumblr.com)


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